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All About Watering |【关于浇水】

1. Pot Adapting Period

  • Stage 1: In this stage, the roots are just starting to grow in the new pot. You can water your plant slightly every 2-3 days to keep the soil moist for new root to develop.
  • Stage 2: After a while, try to pull your succulent VERY gently. If you feel some resistance, congratulations, your succulent is healthily growing in its new pot. You should continue to water your plant slightly every 2 to 3 days.
  • Stage 3: When you feel that your succulent cannot be pulled out from the pot, this means its roots are already fully developed in new pot and has successfully made through pot adaption period.

2. Routine Care During Growing Season

  • Now your succulent’s roots are fully grown and functioning, you can extend your watering interval.
  • Your succulents need much less water than you think they do. One way to determine whether they need water or not is to observe the bottom two layers of leaves. If they are wrinkled, then give them a good drink. Generally speaking if you are using ROU’s succulent soil, watering every two weeks is sufficient enough.
  • Usually, the wrinkled leaves should be pumped in about 2 days, if they do not pump up, then either you have watered too little, or there is problem with its roots. Try watering it again, if it still doesn’t pump up, then you will have to pull it out to check its roots.

3. Routine Care During Dormant Season

  • Succulents don't need much light and water when it's dormant.
  • Keep your dormant succulent in a bright and well-ventilated without direct sunlight, and only give minimal amount of water (once every 1-2 months).

4. Baby Succulents

  • Roots are usually not very well-developed for baby succulents, and their tiny leaves cannot store a lot of water. Thus, you will need to water your baby succulents more frequently and maintain a moist soil for them to grow.
  • If you are propagating your baby succulents from leaves, make sure to dry the leaves after watering to avoid leaf rotting.

5. Succulents With Offsets

  • Offsets need nutrients to grow up, so you will need to provide sufficient water for the plant.

** One important thing to keep in mind: Always place your plants at a well-ventilated area after watering. This prevents roots from rotten due to soaking in water for too long.


1. 服盆期

  • 第一阶段是刚种下去之后,这时可以每3天左右浇一次水,保持盆土有潮气利于长根。可以采用浸盆或者溜边浇水的方法。
  • 第二阶段是当轻轻摇晃多肉时可以感到有微微的阻力,这个时候说明多肉已经开始长根,此时应继续每2-3天少量浇水。
  • 第三阶段是在轻轻向上提多肉的时候,可以感受到明显的抓土力。这个说明肉肉的根系已经健康生长了。此时可以给多肉充足的光照,多晒太阳,每次浇水的时候可以水量逐渐增加,浇水间隔也应该逐渐拉长。浸盆时长可以过渡到4-6秒,溜边浇水可以浇至底孔出水
2. 生长季的养护
  • 过了服盆期之后根系盘满花盆,多肉根系可以正常吸收水分,这是等待至从下数第2-3层叶片开始发软才需要浇水,如果您使用的是ROU的颗粒土,一般来说这是至少两周左右的时间。
  • 正常情况下,发软的叶片会在浇水后2天左右硬挺起来,如果叶片依旧发软则可能是根系出现问题,需要将多肉拔出来详细检查.

3. 休眠期的养护

  • 为了适应恶劣的天气,多肉会在一些季节进入休眠状态。
  • 此时多肉们只需要极少量的水和养分就可以存活。
  • 我们可以每1-2个月给多肉浇极少量的水,然后将多肉们放在通风散光处即可。

4. 小苗

  • 幼苗期的多肉根系不很强壮,叶片也无法储存很多水分,所以需要更频繁地浇水,一直保持土壤湿润。
  • 如果是叶插苗,要小心母叶不要积水,否则母叶容易腐烂化水。

 5. 爆侧芽

  • 多肉冒侧芽时需要更多的养分供给小芽生长,因此会需要更多水分。此时可以每当土壤干透就浇水,不必等到叶子发软。


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