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How to Plant Your Succulent

What you need:

  1. Pot
  2. Your succulent
  3. Planting tools (plastic spoon is a perfect substitute)
  4. Succulent soil
  5. Mesh pad / gauze bandage
  6. Topper stone
  7. Clay pebble

What to do:

1. Put mesh pad or gauze bandage in the pot to cover the hole. This is just to prevent soil leakage.

2. Add a layer of clay pebble. This creates a drainage layer at the bottom so that there is not too much moisture accumulate at the bottom. High moisture level will cause the root to rot. If you are using pots with small holes, pots with glaze on both sides, or pots that’s too deep, use more clay pebbles!

3. Add succulent soil in! What I use is the granular soil mixed with peat moss. The ratio really depends on your environment and your succulent. If your place is moist, without good ventilation, put more granular mix in (60%-80% granular). If your pot is without glaze on both side (e.g. those brown clay pots), or your succulent is too young too small, put less granular mix in (30%-50% granular).

4. Dig a hole in the soil and put your succulent in! Then add more soil until reaching desired level.

5. Top it up with your favourite decoration stone. Other than make the whole thing looks more clean and pretty, cover stone can also isolate moisture in the soil from the bottom layer of leave to prevent rotting.

6. Watering a little after you finish planting! If your ventilation is good, watering a bit every 2-3 days to keep the soil moist helps roots to grow. Once the roots are healthily grown, you can extend your watering interval to start stressing your succulent!

7. Lighting is so important for succulents. During spring to fall where temperature FEELS LIKE between 5°C-30°C you can put your succulent outside to enjoy sunbath! But make sure when you move it outdoor, slowly introduce them to the sunlight, sudden increase in UV level can cause severe sunburn!! During the times where natural sunlight is impossible, LED lights is going to be super importing! Lack of light will cause succulents to overgrow (aka loses its colour and shape).

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