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Natural Leaf Consumption | 【关于叶片消耗】

Dry leaves occurring at lower level of your succulent is a sign of growth. There are three common reasons for leaf consumption:

  1. During pot adaption period, your succulent will use the nutrient from leaves at lower level to support growing of new leaves.
  2. If your succulent hasn’t been watering for a while, it will start use nutrient from leaves at the bottom to survive this period.
  3. For new leaves to grow out, old leaves from lower layers tend to dry out and provide nutrients for baby leaves, this is the natural circle of life.

** Remember to remove dry leaves for better air flow**




  1. 服盆发根。服盆期间多肉会利用老叶子的养分,长新叶子,发新根。
  2. 提供养分。太久不浇水时多肉也可能会消耗一些下层叶片为自己提供养分。
  3. 老叶更新。下层老叶子干枯,上层长新叶子属于正常生长规律。

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