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Rotting |【关于黑腐】

Rotting is very commonly seen if you have succulents. Usually, it happens due to high humidity and lack of ventilation. The most typical sign of rotting is when you notice rotten spots initiating on the branches, and is developing to the growing points. Eventually, rotting could expand all the way to the tip of leaves.

Sometimes, the rotting could start at the wounds on the plant. This is caused by fungus infections.

If you notice your succulent is rotting, here are some tips that would help you save a rotting-succulent:

  1. Sanitize your tool (knife or scissors) first with alcohol to prevent further infection.
  2. Use the sanitized tool to cut off all rotted sections.
  3. If the cutting still has some healthy section, let the wound dry first. Then, you can either propagate the leaves or replant the cutting into a new pot.
  4. If rotting only exists on the top half of the plant, you can crop off the rotting part, and let the rest of it growing in the original pot. You can expect multiple offset growing around the wound in near future.

Rotting usually happens during hot and humid summer. Therefore, placing your plant in a well-ventilated and shady area is the key to prevent rotting. Check on your succulents more often in summer, especially when you feel any softness on the succulent branches, or see any leaves turning black.

ROU also recommends you NOT use potting soil for succulents. Succulent soil should be more porous and has better drainage. You can purchase our pre-mixed succulent potting soil here.







  1. 首先务必要在处理植物之前消毒所使用的器具以防二次感染
  2. 用消毒过的器具切掉植物黑腐的部分,将其丢弃
  3. 剩下的健康部分可在晾干伤口之后进行扦插或者叶插
  4. 如果黑腐的是植物的上半部分,那么将下半部分留在盆土里即可,他将会继续生长,甚至爆出更多的小头




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