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Surviving Through Summer | 【关于度夏】

1. Water your plants at high temperature is like giving your plants 'Sauna'. The root can rot easily when there is too much steam. In hot summer, only water your plants at night when temperature goes down to avoid potential damage to your plants. When temperature rise above 30 degrees, reduce your watering frequency.

2. When weather is getting warmer in early summer, you can move your succulents outdoor. However, you need to gradually introduce your succulents to the sun. For the first two weeks, only give your succulents morning sun and dawn-time sun. Then you can gradually increase the time of it getting sunlight. Always try to avoid strong direct sunlight, succulents can easily get sunburnt. After watering, blow away any residual water drops on the leaves. Those water drops would act as magnifiers and could burn your plants or cause rotting.

3. Rain water has a lot of natural nutrients that your plants need, it also helps to maintain a slightly acidic growing environment. However, there are still certain things to keep in mind after your succulents got showered:

  • Remember to blow away any remaining water drops on the leaves to eliminate the “magnifier” effect.
  • If the temperature goes high the second day of raining, remember to move your plants indoor or place them under shades to avoid rotting.
  • Make sure your succulents are placed in an area with breezing air flow.
  • Don’t over-water your succulents. With too much water, leaves are going to elongate and lose their pretty shape.
  • For succulents that are just planted in the new pot, sufficient water helps the root-growing and could accelerate the pot adaption period. Make sure to place your succulents in a well-ventilated area to reduce the risk of root rotting.

4. Color-fading of succulent leaves is common in hot summer. Without sufficient temperature differences, your succulents would pass the healthily-stressed state. Therefore, your plants will lose some redness in summer. Don’t worry, colours will come back in fall once the temperature starts dropping at night. Succulents are more colourful in spring and autumn. They change colours and shapes in every season. Watching your succulents transitioning is one of joy to grow these plants.



  1. 浇水:高温的时候浇水就是一个蒸桑拿的效果,闷热 潮湿时多肉会很容易烂根,所以夏天升温之后可以在晚上浇水。温度升到30 °C以上后,需要逐步断水。
  2. 晒太阳:从室内到露养需要过渡,前两周需要遮阳或者只晒清晨和傍晚的太阳。浇水之后,需要吹干叶心的水再晒太阳。水滴聚光,再加上高温潮湿,叶片容易黑腐。
  3. 淋雨:雨水中富含各种营养同时也是多肉最喜欢的酸性水,所以十分适合浇肉肉。但是要注意:
    1. 淋雨之后如果第二天升温要把肉肉拿回家or遮阳,不然就蒸桑拿。
    2. 淋雨之后记得吹干叶心水分,否则叶心积水容易黑腐。
    3. 淋雨之后一定要通风,长期潮湿的环境,黑腐和白粉病都容易上门。
    4. 梆硬的肉不要淋雨,会徒长。
    5. 未服盆的肉可以淋雨,大水发根也是我们推荐的一个服盆方法,但之后更要加强通风(小风扇),不然不但根发不出来而且还会有黑腐的风险。
  4. 掉色:夏季早晚温差小,肉肉就会褪色,但四季轮回是大自然的规律,春夏不会是多肉颜色最艳丽的季节,但是不同季节有不同风采,也是肉肉的迷人之处。


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