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When You Receive Your ROU Succulents |【关于新到手的肉肉】

Things to do when you receive succulents from ROU
  1. Succulents need time to adapt in the new soil. During the pot adaption period, place your plant in a ventilated area and try not to touch your plant! The root just starts developing, hence, it’s very easy to fall out the pot.
  2. You succulent has already been watered before you receive it. You can start watering your plant after a week. One way to water your plant is to soak the bottom 1/3 of the pot into water for about 5 seconds and let the soil dry completely before watering it again.
  3. You might expect to see leaves at bottom level drying out. No need to panic, your succulent is doing fine. In order to grow new leaves, it absorbs the nutrients from the older leaves. Wait until the bottom leaves are fully dried out then gently remove them.



  1. 肉肉种下新盆会有一个服盆期,服盆期间可以把多肉放在通风散光的区域,且不要经常触碰多肉,因为还没有长根所以很容易一不小心就被碰出来。
  2. 到手一周后可以开始浇水。推荐使用浸盆浇水法:准备一个盆,放水至花盆高度三分之一处,然后将花盆放进去浸泡3-5秒钟(视盆的大小决定)。也可以用尖嘴壶沿着盆边缘浇水圈,保持盆土湿润即可。
  3. 多肉会消耗自身下层的叶片为母体提供养分,但与此同时也会从中间不停长出新的叶片。下层叶片等到完全干枯之后需要清理,这样才能更好地通风。


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